One of the HARDEST processes for most “landlubbers” wanting to be SEA GYPSY PREPPERS is DOWNSIZING! Fortunately for me I have been practicing DOWNSIZING for over 20 years! I now can get ALL my belongings into probably one suitcase and … Continue reading →

Several More Meals

As promised here are several more simple Sea Gypsy Prepper meals. THIS ONE I created yesterday from mixing left over tuna and potato salad! Here is another TUNA & POTATO meal! Hugh Simpson Sea Gypsy Prepper … Continue reading →

Meals for Us Sea Gypsy Preppers

I noted that my videos I created for my new Sea Gypsy Prepper are already featured on Bing & Google. So here are several of them: Shrimp Pasta Baked Salmon More will be available in my new Sea Gypsy Prepper … Continue reading →

Welcome Mate!

WOW was searching both Bing and Google using SEA GYPSY PREPPER for a idea for an image as header. I was AMAZED that all my VIDEOS came up and references to me as the SEA GYPSY PREPPER tied into both … Continue reading →